iBA200 full review

The iLuv iBA200 certainly is portable. It's about half the size of an iPhone, and is pretty lightweight. It fits neatly into your pocket, and comes with an easily foldable USB charging cable, but not an AC adapter. The pack can charge most USB powered devices, such as your iPhone, iPod, Blackberry and digital camera.

The catch here is that you have to remember to bring your device's USB charging cable with you, as there is no direct connection between your device and the iLuv battery pack.

The iLuv iBA200 has a battery gauge that tells you how much power is left. When charging it from a Mac, we left it plugged in for an hour and it only indicated that the device was ¾ charged. When we then unplugged it and pressed the battery test button, it showed the device as fully charged. Very confusing.

iLuv claims that the battery kit's 1250mA capacity can charge your iPhone 3GS for 4.5 hours talk time, 21 hours music playback and 6 hours of video. It was easy to connect to an iPhone using the phone's normal USB charging cable. The iPhone began charging instantly, and within 15 minutes (whilst in sleep mode), it had increased the battery life by 10 per cent.

Portable battery charger for your iPhone or iPad

The iLuv iBA200 is a good product, but there are more convenient products that do the same job available. The necessity of having your iPhone USB cable with you is annoying, most people would prefer to be able to attach it straight to their phone, but then it wouldn't be able to charge all USB devices, so there are benefits to the iBA200 over similar products. £39.99 seems quite expensive, £10 cheaper and we might be convinced that it's good value for money.

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