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Once you get used to the fact that iLuv's Professional Case with Bluetooth Keyboard isn't actually a laptop, it's a great way to type while keeping your iPad in a perfect viewing position.

An iPad 2 fits snugly into the case, and by following the quick start guide that comes in the box, you'll have paired up the keyboard in seconds. For a few minutes, we found ourselves reaching for a mouse or a trackpad, because iLuv's case makes the experience of using your iPad really feel like a laptop.

The case looks and feels really smart, and is made from leatherette with a micro suede inner lining. iLuv has managed to keep it reasonably thin so it shouldn't take up too much extra space when you're carrying it around with you. The keyboard is attached to the rest of the case using magnets, so you can quickly remove it if you want to position the iPad differently, although the case only has a stand for landscape viewing. The keyboard is completely wireless, connecting to your iPad via Bluetooth, unless you're charging the built in battery with the USB cable provided.

The keyboard itself has all the same keys as a MacBook, arranged in more or less same way. The shift keys could take some getting used to for touch typists however, as they are rather small and the right hand one doesn't fall directly under your finger when you reach for it. There are also dedicated keys for iPad specific functions such as Home, Spotlight, slideshow and even the keyboard, although we're not sure why you would need the latter considering the purpose of the product.

 If you type a lot on your iPad the iCK826 case and keyboard is a handy, if heavy, companion

All of the iPad 2's ports and controls are easily accessible without removing the case, and both cameras can be used, which is handy for FaceTime users.

A downfall of this otherwise great product is that although your iPad will be well protected in your bag, it makes your usually lightweight device quite heavy. The leatherette also gives off a strong smell, but that will probably fade after it has had a bit of use. Fingerprint marks could be an issue for some users, as they are fairly visible on the leatherette areas of the case after you've been holding it.

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