iLuv Portable Bluetooth Keyboard full review

The iLuv brand has become well known to Apple users over the past few years, as it has developed products to complement every device in Apple’s range. Sleek in its black and silver livery, this keyboard certainly looks the part. It duplicates the standard Apple wireless keyboard layout, so you’ll be instantly at home.

Powered by two AA batteries, the keyboard has enough stability to ensure even the heaviest of typists will have a firm platform to use. But, coming in at just 295g, this keyboard is also super-lightweight. There is some give in the all-plastic case, but we were happy with the overall build quality. The key travel is usable if a little noisy, but even if you’re used to a chiclet keyboard, it won’t take you long to adjust.

What we particularly liked about this keyboard is that iLuv has got the ergonomics right. Yes, the keys are close together, but they are approaching the dimensions of those on a full-sized keyboard. Where we felt the Cygnett KeyPad was slightly too small, this keyboard is just right, balancing the need for portability and an understanding that users have to be able to type efficiently.

If you have experience of any other iLuv devices, you will naturally gravitate towards this keyboard.

The iLuv keyboard is pitched just right for users who occasionally need to use a tactile keyboard on the move

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