Smart Back Cover iCC822 full review

iLuv's Smart Back Cover is designed to protect the areas of your iPad 2 that your Smart Cover can't. It fits snugly onto the back of your iPad without having to remove your Smart Cover to do so.

The Smart Back Cover doesn't obstruct your iPad's camera, sleep button, or volume controls, and still allows ventilation, charging and headphones.

This means that you never have to remove it. If you decide to remove the Back Cover it's a bit fiddly, but at least you can be sure it won't come off in your bag. It's slightly thicker than the Smart Cover, but it feels soft to the touch and provides solid protection from scratches.

You won't be able to see the Apple logo, as the Smart Back Cover is completely opaque, but it fits perfectly with the Smart Cover to and gives the illusion that they are one.

iLuv’s Smart Back Cover is one of the cheapest Smart Cover companions

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