Accuratus iMage full review

Available for iPad and iPad 2, the iMage high-quality faux leather case ensures your iPad is safely protected, but the star of the show is the detachable keyboard. Able to operate up to 10m from your iPad, the keyboard reattaches via an embedded magnet. The whole package does, however, add significantly to the overall weight, with the case and keyboard together weighing 560g. The keyboard itself comes in at 230g.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, it ships with a mini USB cable for recharging. The makers claim that if you have the keyboard on for eight hours a day, you should get an entire month’s use from a single charge. There is also an on/off switch to ensure you gain maximum battery life.

The layout is the standard key arrangement Apple users will be familiar with. The compact size means touch-typing will need a bit of practice. Chunkier-fingered users will find the larger keys a bonus.

We liked that the slightly raised battery pack acts like an impromptu wrist rest. Key travel is positive, and we commend the over-sized return key.

This high-quality iPad case also features a fully rechargeable keyboard that can be a great aid for easier typing

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