iMusic Station full review

Karaoke fans may be tempted by this appealing-looking iPod/iPhone speaker dock from iMusicTech, which combines the entire karaoke setup in a small, portable unit. We have some reservations about the device, but it’s generally fun and a nice idea.

You download songs – or rather, MP4 videos, including rolling lyrics – of your choice from (a voucher for five tracks is included in the box – further songs cost a quite steep £1.49 a time), load them on to your iOS device, connect it to the dock and get singing. Two microphones can be connected, though only one is supplied. Both this and the speaker set are on the weedy side - don’t expect blockbusting audio.

The size of the iPhone’s screen, as compared to the monitors usually used in karaoke booths, unsurprisingly makes it more difficult to read the words, and we had to stand close to the machine while singing. But the legibility wasn’t as bad as we expected.

If you would prefer a larger screen, there’s an output and cable to connect the device to a TV. On the whole, though, we didn’t like this arrangement - with the sound coming through the TV, it felt like there was a slight delay on the vocal output. And something was up with the amplification, meaning we had to turn the TV’s volume up to almost maximum to get a decent sound

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