iPad 2 Smart Case full review

With all the effort that has gone into making the iPad 2 thinner, adding extra bulk, protective as it will be, doesn’t really help in keeping the device truly portable.

Hong Kong designers GGMM offer a slimline solution, made of leather that has been dyed (so we are informed) to resemble the colour of red wine, and featuring bright purple stitchwork that together combine to create an effect more reminiscent of the sun catching a glass of  Ribena than one filled with Burgundy.  

Now, commenting on the hue isn’t really our business, since it’s entirely possible that this case will match your shoes, nails, or handbag. And there are several other colour options which you might find more appealing. What is worth mentioning is how snugly it fits, how its in-built magnetic strip will persuade your iPad to drop off to sleep and wake up when the case is opened, and how its front cover has been specifically crafted to fold back and form a triangular prism support that’s ideal should you want to use FaceTime. It’s a shame that a fastening method hasn’t been included, to add extra safety.

The Smart Case, if handled correctly, certainly does its job under most situations and comes complete with a screen protector – essential should it accidentally fall and flip out.

The Smart Case folds back to form a triangular prism support

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