iPad Keyboard Dock review

The advantage and disadvantage of the Apple iPad Keyboard Dock is that it’s a keyboard with a dock bolted onto the back.

That all-in-one design makes sense if you just need a keyboard to use at home or in the office with your iPad. The keyboard’s a little small but it feels about the right size for the iPad.

There are a number of special keys for use with the iPad, enabling you to put it to sleep, wake it up, view photos and adjust volume and brightness. This means you can control most of the iPad’s main features without having to take your hands off the keyboard. On the back of the dock unit is a second connector that allows you to charge or sync the iPad using your existing USB cable and power adaptor. It also allows you to use accessories such as the iPad Camera Kit. There’s an audio connector too, so you can hook it up to a set of external speakers.

Great for your desk but not for your backpack


The disadvantage of bolting the dock onto the back of the keyboard is that it ruins its portability. The dock connector sticks out a good three inches, preventing you from easily sliding it into a bag or briefcase alongside the iPad. If you tend to use the iPad on the go the Keyboard Dock’s not the best choice.

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