iPhone Battery Packs group test


One of the great things about the iPhone is that it’s so incredibly versatile. As well as making phone calls it can play music and video, take photos, browse the web, play the latest 3D games, double up as a GPS device, and run literally thousands of apps that you can download from the App Store. The only problem with all these apps is that you can easily run the battery down and find yourself unable to make a simple phone call when you need to.

There is one way to maximise your battery life, you could turn off your 3G and WiFi antennas. We find we get much more use out of our iPhone by turning off 3G in network settings. However, since your iPhone offers 3G and WiFi why turn those bonus features off? Instead you could get a portable battery packs that allows you to extend your battery life.

The battery life offered by these battery packs varies enormously, so we rounded up a selection and ran them non-stop to see which ones live up to the manufacturers’ claims and provide the best boost for your iPhone when you’re on the move. To accurately test for the maximum battery life we played video continuously with 3G and WiFi turned off.

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