iPro Lens full review

iPro Lens is a hardware add-on for the iPhone 4 and 4S that allows you to screw lenses on to the mobile.

You get wide-angle and fisheye lenses that bayonet-twist-mount on to a special iPhone case.

There’s also a handle that can attach to either side of the case, giving you stability when taking your photographs. This handle offers neat storage for the lenses. The whole thing screws together like professional photo kit.

The fisheye lens captures pictures with a 165-degree field of view. The wide angle lens gives you a 35 percent wider field of view.

The manufacturer claims the lenses are painted on the edge and have a multilayer anti-reflection coat to “avoid any chance of flare”.

While the fisheye lens is the most fun, we wonder how useful it will be – you can already download apps that make your standard photos into fisheye images.

But one thing an app can’t do to your images is get more stuff in the photo: and that’s where the wide-angle lens comes in. This is handy in landscape, interior and street-view photography where you can’t move away from the scene to snap it.

The iPro wide-angle lens gives an 86-degree field, compared to the iPhone’s standard 62 degrees.

One annoying thing about iPro Lens is the need for the specific case that comes with the lenses. You need to use or carry the iPro Lens case with you, as otherwise
the lenses won’t fit the phone.

And the iPhone 5 may not fit the case, meaning you’ll need to update it with your phone.

The modular system of the iPro Lens means Schneider Optics can add more lenses, and a decent telephoto lens must be the top of its list. A decent optical zoom on the iPhone will make compact cameras redundant.

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