Just Mobile AluPen Pro full review

The AluPen Pro from the award-winning Just Mobile team brings together two solutions in one pen. It’s a classy Biro and, with a flip, an iPad stylus. Made from sleek and tactile aluminium and complete with Pelikan ballpoint refill, spare rubber nib, leather case and Apple-like stickers, it looks the part. 

The AluPen Pro performs well: the ballpoint pen is comfortable to use, tapered to sit well in your grip. At the other end, the soft rubber stylus makes marking on an iPad – or any capacitive touchscreen device – a pleasurable experience.

The rubber tip does feel a little on the soft side, but we were still able to make fairly precise marks on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. 

The AluPen Pro is also nicely weighted – the rubber tip requires little pressure, which makes writing and drawing with the stylus end easier. And as with the AluPen above, that attractive aluminium gets chilly in cold environments, so it’s best to wrap the stylus in its leather case when not in use. 

Just Mobile AluPen Pro stylus

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