Just Mobile Lazy Couch review

There are complicated products, and there are simple ones. And as far as simple goes, it's hard to beat the Just Mobile Lazy Couch. Basically it's a pair of feet that raise your MacBook, or iPad (or whatever you put them beneath) by about an inch.

Why would you want to do such a thing? In the case of a MacBook it elevates the keyboard, making it easier to type on (it makes it more like a traditional ergonomic keyboard). Just Mobile also claim it facilitates a cooler and quieter operation, although we're not quite as convinced on this front.

In the case of the iPad it raises the screen by a small amount making it slightly easier (but not by much) to type on. The effect is similar to the Apple case when turned around and used as a stand.

The two stands interlock together to form a neat portable package, and they are made of rubber and aluminium to match a MacBook. At £14.99 it's easy to be cynical about the price, but it's well-made (as well-made as two chunks of aluminium with a bit of rubber attached can be) and if you like your MacBook or iPad raised then it's certainly neater than just propping it up against a book.


Is the Just Mobile Lazy Couch an essential product? Not really. But if you like your MacBook Keyboard at an angle it makes typing easier and forms a small portable package. Ditto for the iPad. It's neat looking and does pretty much what it says it does (it'd be hard to go wrong).

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