JVC UX-VJ3 full review

The JVC UX-VJ3 Micro Component System further sets itself apart from other docks by featuring speakers detached from the main body of the system, allowing for much better stereo separation than most other options on the market.

The UX-VJ3 is available in both black and white, the better to match your iOS devices. The main unit has dimensions of 29x16x19cm, with each speaker about 12x16x19cm.  

To expose the hidden iPad dock, you press a section of the silver trim and a landscape dock pops out. The portrait-oriented iPhone/iPod dock spins out like a secret bookcase. Once you’ve rotated it out, there’s an additional option to put it into landscape orientation.

Once our iOS device was docked, it took four to six seconds before we could play music. We also weren’t thrilled with how wobbly our devices felt in the UX-VJ3’s docks.

Connect your iPad and iPhone at once and Double Shuffle songs

On the rear are a Micro-USB port and ports for composite-video out, speaker jacks, AC-cable connection, and the AM and FM antennas. The awkward placement made it tough to plug in a USB cable.

Double Shuffle mode lets you plays songs from two devices, but we found it left our iPad playing through its own speaker with the iPhone using the UX-VJ3’s speakers.

All of the UX-JV3’s basic modes functioned adequately. The radio tuners worked fine, as did iPad- and iOS-playback modes.

With Sound Turbo, Hyper Bass and Surround Mode enabled, the 15-watt speakers offered big, room-filling noise, respectable bass, and a wide stereo mix.

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