Logitech Keyboard Case by Zagg full review

When not in use, the Zagg snaps on to the front of your iPad 2 to protect the screen for carrying around. It detaches for use as a keyboard and includes a groove for doubling as a tablet holder.

The device is well designed for portability. You can rest the iPad in the keyboard’s central groove in either portrait or landscape mode, giving it almost a netbook feel. We preferred to have something behind the tablet when it was in landscape mode, though, since the centre of gravity seemed a bit high for comfort, making us feel as if it might tip backwards.

The keyboard case has a high metal ridge around more than three-quarters of it, limiting where we could rest our hands. That may not be an issue if you type with two fingers, but if you rest your hands in the classic Qwerty touch-typing position, you’re likely to find it cramped. We found that placing the keyboard on a thin paperback gave us enough support to type with a fair amount of comfort.

It’s not as easy to snap the iPad in and out of this model as Logitech’s newer and pricier Foldout Keyboard. Pushing the iPad in was easy enough, but prying it out again got us a little nervous. We eventually got used to it.

Perfect if you’re not a fan of the iPad’s touchscreen keyboard

The keys have a nice feel – soft enough to not require pounding, yet offering physical feedback when pressed. If the keyboard wasn’t so restricted in size, it would be close to ideal.

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