Loop full review

ne of the simplest stands we’ve seen, is Griffin Technology’s Loop. It’s a weighted, plastic, oval ring, with a pair of grooves for holding your iPad upright and rubber feet to keep the stand from sliding around. The Loop does take up a fair amount of desk space though, measuring 245 x 150 x 67mm.

To use it as an upright stand, you simply place your iPad – in either landscape or portrait orientation – in one of the grooves. This results in the iPad leaning back around 15? to 20? from vertical, which is a good angle for watching video or using with an external keyboard.

During testing, we found the Loop to be quite stable when used this way. Tapping near the top edge of the iPad resulted in a bit of wobbling, and when we pushed firmly against the top edge of a vertically oriented iPad we were able to tip it over. But thanks to its 350g weight, the stand holds your iPad steadily enough to interact normally with the screen.

The Loop can also be used as a ‘typing’ stand due to its sloped design. Instead of inserting your iPad into the stand’s two grooves, simply lay it flat – again, in either portrait or landscape orientation – on top of the Loop. It will hold your iPad at an angle of around 40? from flat, which is a pretty good compromise position for typing on a tablet’s screen.

To protect your iPad from scuffs and scratches, the top of the Loop and the lining of both grooves are covered with softer, but still stiff, material.

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