Luxa2 H6 full review

The eye-catching multi-legged design of the LUXA2 H6 is quite unlike any other iPad stand that we’ve ever seen.
Those spidery legs can be adjusted separately so that they can grip tablets of different sizes, and they can accommodate even quite thick protective cases. If you do remove your iPad from its case the rubber-tipped legs still grip it securely, and there’s a padded backrest to avoid scratches on the back of the iPad.

The support bracket at the back of the stand is also highly adjustable – you can tilt it freely to adjust the viewing angle and rotate it to switch between widescreen and upright modes – so the iPad is always at a comfortable angle, whether you’re watching video in bed, or sitting at a desk to type an email.

You can fold the stand flat if you want to carry it around with you, and it comes with a carry case with pouches for the iPad’s charging cable and mains adaptor.

This multi-legged stand is very versatile and practical

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