Macally BookStand for iPad review

Most folio-style iPad cases go the leather-organiser route. But not MacAlly's BookStand, which is made of plastic covered with soft, microfiber material. The look is more casual, but it’s also dramatically lighter than most leather folios out there.

The BookStand’s hinged front cover is thin and light, and while it won’t stop a bullet from breaking your iPad’s screen, it will protect against scuffs and scratches. The back cover is a rigid, plastic shell (covered on the outside with the same soft material as the front), providing some stability and protection without adding weight. Inserting and removing an iPad is easy - the back shell has four raised, plastic corners, into which you snap the iPad. All ports and buttons are accessible.

Macally BookStand for iPad

The front cover of the BookStand features a leather strap, which you can wrap around and slide into a leather catch on the back of the case to keep the case closed tightly. But flip the hinged front cover over and you can slide that strap into the catch from the other direction, turning the case into a stand for upright landscape viewing or angled typing.


My only concern about the BookStand is its durability. I used it as my main case for a few weeks just to see if it could hold up, and it survived admirably; however, the front cover seems squishy enough that if you were to bend it wrong, I fear that it could become permanently crippled. But if you take good care of it, it’ll provide your iPad with protection without weighing it down or getting in the way. The BookStand is one of the best iPad cases I’ve used.

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