Mapi Byze Leather Case for iPad full review

There are a wide range of cases and covers for the new iPad (and iPad 2) and generally they tend to be divided into the executive camp (lots of black leather and stands for presentations) and the playful arean (lots of bright colours and patterns).
So it’s really good to see this, the Mapi Byze Soft Leather case which is a stylish carrying case with little in the way of extraneous features.
While there are no straps, pockets, or pouches to put your chargers and cables in; it does keep the whole case small and light. You can slide the iPad inside (complete with Smart Cover if you have one attached) and carry it around.
It’s made from high quality leather, and we were impressed with the stitching and build quality. The flap contains a magnet to hold it together. There are five different colours to choose from, we tested the Byze Floater Tan and it looked great.

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