Mobilis Netcase full review

The Netcase from Mobilis is a sleek compact laptop case that doesn't disappointment when it comes to solid protection. Built around four high-density foam protectors that help cushion the top and bottom of your laptop, the Netcase feels like it could take a fair pounding, never mind withstand the rigours of daily travel.

The Netcase features two stretchy expandable external pockets, which at a push can accommodate your MacBook's power supply, but little else. A rubberised carry handle also does a respectable job, while a supplied shoulder strap should help lighten the load.

Mobilis Netcase

The Netcase comes with a quality zip and internal combination of elastic and Velcro straps to keep your laptop in place. According to Mobilis, the Netcase is scientifically designed to allow air flow, preventing laptop overheating. So, you should be able to leave it on standby in the case.

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