MoGo Talk for iPhone full review

Bluetooth headsets may offer convenient hands-free conversation but they’re also remarkably easy to lose when not hanging on your ear. MoGo have addressed this niggling issue by producing a headset that simply docks into your iPhone case. Inside the box there’s a case for your 3G or 3GS. Simply clip this on and the Bluetooth unit drops into a central recess for safekeeping. The unit can be charged while it’s docked in the case via a mini USB charger. MoGo suggests up to four hours of talk time on a charge, there’s 72 hours or so of standby time and it has a range of around 10 metres.

The device itself works well enough, but there are the usual issues with keeping the Talk in a comfortable position on your ear. A two-way conversation using this device is perfectly acceptable, complemented by the selection of SoundShape ear tips that come inside the box. There’s also a charging cable, screen protector film and manual in there too. However, with prolonged use and despite the array of ear tips, we found that the fit wasn’t always quite as snug as we’d have liked.

The Talk has Bluetooth 2.1, 2.0, 1.1 and 1.0 compatibility and can be paired with up to five devices in all. The £99 price tag isn’t exactly a bargain, but the MoGo Talk is a decent add-on for the iPhone assuming you get on with Bluetooth headsets in the first place.

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