Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Pro full review

Mophie has built a good name for itself producing chargeable batteries and cases for devices that enable you to keep them running for a long time, and the Juce Pack Powerstation Pro is the latest addition to its impressive range.

For owners of an iPhone, or other feature-packed smartphone, this is great news. Although the iPhone has a good 7-hour battery life, that’s still not a whole day’s use, and there will be times when you’re out and about and need some spare power.

The Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Pro houses a whopping 6000-mAh battery capable of charging up an iPhone from flat approximately two-and-a-half times.

We charged up the Mophie Juice Pack Universal Powerstation Pro to full capacity and repeatedly ran an iPhone 4S  (with its internal 1420 mAh battery) to the ground, it managed to charge up the phone to full capacity twice, and then a third time up to 38 per cent.

Powerstation Pro

The amount of usage you get out of an iPhone depends largely on what your settings are and what you are doing with the device. Apple quotes 8 hours of talk time, or 6 hours of 3G Internet use (8 hours when on WiFi). Watching games and video burns that up faster.

If you average out a solid 7 hours of varied use then the Powerstation Pro will provide an addition 16 hours and 40 minutes of usage, add that to the original 7 hours and you’ve got close to 24 hours of continuous usage (23 hours and 40 minutes to be precise).

What’s also special about the Powerstation Pro is the fact that it’s enclosed with rubberized casing that keeps the water out, along with protecting it from any knocks and scrapes. All the sockets are sealed with rubberized plugs, which keep water out of the gadget. This ensures that it’ll function well for outdoor camping trips, or festival visits: anywhere where you’re likely to be in the wild and away from a power source.

Powerstation Pro

It charges via a USB cable (included) and provides power out via a second USB socket. You’ll need to attach your dock connector to charge an iOS device, and because it is USB it can power up other compatible devices as well.

As with most Mophie devices as button on the side enables four glowing green lights to suggest what level of battery life is left.

The iPad and iPad 2 both have larger (7200 mAh) batteries than the iPhone, which means you'll only get the one recharge. We ran an iPad 2 into the ground, and then charged it up with a Mophie PowerStation Pro and it managed to give an additional 61 per cent charge. While it's not as impressive as the iPhone stats, it will deliver an extra six hours of battery life giving a total of 16 hours to an iPad.

Owners of the new iPad (third-generation), with its much heftier 11000mAh battery, may find the device somewhat more limiting. We managed to get just 28 per cent charge from an empty new iPad (third-generation) and a fully charged PowerStation Pro. It’s disappointing but says more about the massive power requirement of the Retina display on the iPad than the PowerStation Pro device. A 28 per cent charge is still an extra three hours on the new iPad, however, which may make the difference on a long journey.

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