MoviePeg full review

The iPad is great for watching movies, hence the rise of stands, props, and foldable cases; devices to keep it upright on a table while you sit back and watch the video. The MoviePeg is unique in that it offers a very different take on an iPad stand, being two plastic J-shaped blocks that clip on to the side of the iPad.

Most stands are a familiar pattern, either a metal or plastic bracket that holds the iPad upwards on a surface (like the BookArc); or a surrounding case with a foldable cover, like the official Apple iPad Case.

So the MoviePeg is, if nothing else, a radically different take on what a stand can be, which is always refreshing.

Devices don't get much simpler, you clip the blocks to the side of the iPad and it holds it upright.

MoviePeg stand for iPad

At least that's the theory. We found it didn't work on the plastic surface of our office desks, instead the smooth surface ensures the plastic blocks slowly side off. Usually within 10 or so seconds.

No matter how many times we tested it the MoviePeg refused to work on our desk. It worked fine on the carpet though, it needs some form of friction to keep it in place.

We decided to take a video clip just so you'd see what we mean.

Not actually working is something of a flaw when it comes to reviewing a product. It's a shame because aside from its tendency to fall down, it's a fairly nice piece of design. It's made from solid, sturdy plastic blocks that clip neatly together by means of a built-in magnet.

The website claims its made from Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) which is a mixture of plastic and rubber, although it feels just like a solid block of plastic to us. It needs some form of friction on the device to ensure it stays in place. But if it doesn't work, well there's only so many stars you can give a product; in this case one.


Several Macworld UK readers have pointed out that they own the MoviePeg and haven't encountered the problem we have. We have done further testing and believe that the MoviePeg is more secure with the iPad 3G than it is with the iPad WiFi because the iPad 3G has a rubberised strip on its rear surface.

We have recorded a second video to illustrate this. Note that this video is also longer as some readers queried whether we had inserted the iPad fully into the MoviePeg case. We assure you that this was the case but the iPad slipped slightly before we had the chance to hit record. We filmed this second video to show the setup as well as the iPad slipping from the MoviePeg.

Because the MoviePeg doesn't fulfill its basic function for us with the iPad WiFi we are keeping the score at one star, although your experience may vary with an iPad 3G. MoviePeg has informed us that it will investigate different materials and if a second revision proves to be more stable we will score it again accordingly. Please let us know what you think in the comments and add your own review if your experience of using the MoviePeg has differed to ours.

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