nanoStick Ultimate review

PCTV Systems has undergone more changes than there are TV channels, starting off as Miro in the 1980s, migrating to Pinnacle Systems in the 1990s and now re-emerging as a brand new brand under the auspices of Hauppauge.

Its heritage stands it in good stead though – this lipstick-sized digital TV tuner is an accomplished little performer.

We love the fact that the nanoStick Ultimate's black shell expands to protect the USB plug from damage. You also get a mobile antenna with MCX port and an MCX-to-coaxial adaptor for use with a rooftop aerial and compact remote control.


Unfortunately, its software bundle and remote are both less well accomplished. The supplied Elgato EyeTV 3.0 Lite software misses out key components such as the ability to export recordings to an iPod or iPhone, so you may well need to stump up an extra £29.95 for the full version.

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