Nuu ClickMate full review

If you’re partial to an iPhone accessory with several functions, then listen up. The Nuu ClickMate is primarily a protective case for your iPhone. What makes it different from the average iPhone case is the ability to attach add-ons to the case, including a wallet, battery pack, and clip (though not all at the same time, obviously).

While we think that the idea behind the ClickMate has potential, when it came to actually testing the product we were left disappointed.

Buying the Nuu ClickMate PowerPlus detachable external battery for iPhone 4/4S will set you back £59.99, and will get you a foundation case, the battery pack add-on, and if you purchase it directly from Nuu, a free wallet add-on. The foundation case is simple but not unattractive, and can be used as a case to protect the back of your device on a daily basis. It also comes in a variety of colours and finishes.

When your battery is on the verge of dying, you might want to slot on the PowerPlus. It’s easy to attach and remove, but it only managed to charge our iPhone up by 60 per cent each time we tested it. Also, it became worryingly hot, making using the iPhone very uncomfortable, and leaving us unwilling to keep it in a bag or pocket. Not particularly ideal when talking about a an accessory that’s supposed to be portable.

Overall, though, the ClickMate PowerPlus is well made to a high-quality, and doesn’t add too much bulk or weight to the iPhone. It has four LED battery life indicators to show users how much power it has remaining, and also has a standby mode to prevent the PowerPlus from charging the iPhone when you don’t want it to. The PowerPlus is available in Matte Black or Glossy White to suit your iPhone’s colour.

The ClickMate PowerPlus charges via USB, which, if attached to the iPhone at the time, will fully charge your iPhone first, and will then move on to charging the external battery. Syncing is also possible while the iPhone is still in connected to the PowerPlus.

The ClickMate Wallet attachment that comes with every PowerPlus purchase can is a simple add-on that can provide storage for a credit card or two. It’s a nice bonus, but we wouldn’t recommend buying it individually at the £20 price point.

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