OWLE HD Video Kit for iPhone 4 full review

The ability to show 720p HD video on the iPhone 4 is a boon to amateur filmmakers who don’t want to run to the expense of a fully-fledged camcorder, but its performance leaves a little to be desired. There’s holding the phone steady while you shoot for one, while the iPhone 4’s lens could still benefit from a little extra oomph. Enter the OWLE HD Video Kit for iPhone 4, a nifty accessory that aims to help you shoot more professional-looking videos without spending a small fortune.

The kit comprises two main components. The first is the OWLE Bubo, a hefty chunk of aluminium that fits snugly around the iPhone 4 when used with the supplied silicone case. The OWLE Bubo has grips on the left and right that let you hold the iPhone more securely and includes a 37mm adaptor lens with macro and wide-angle lenses for a wider selection of shots. The OWLE Bubo also has threaded holes in each of its four corners so it can be mounted onto a tripod or mount and there’s a cold shoe for accessories, which is where the second bit of the kit comes in.

The Rotolight RL48-A Stealth is an LED ring light powered by three AA batteries and covered by a clear plastic hood. Prise the Rotolight apart and you’ll discover the battery bay and six colour correction filters – each can be fitted in front of its 48 LEDs. Other supplied accessories include a directional Vericorder microphone and a belt pouch for storage.

Once you accomplish the slightly fiddly task of fixing all the bits of the kit together, it really is child’s play to use. The combination of the OWLE Bube iPhone holder and Rotolight instantly consigns your old shaky, badly-lit videos to history and replaces them with something even budding Spielbergs could love.

The OWLE HD Video Kit adds a professional sheen to your mobile videos and stills

The only real issues are that the wide-angle lens adaptor can occasionally give shots a somewhat fish-eyed look, and swapping the colour correction filters can be a bit of a faff

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