Pendle Laptop Stand full review

If you spend any length of time working on a laptop, you really should consider a laptop stand. The ergonomic benefits are well documented and from personal experience it has certainly reduced the aches and pains associated with looking down on a MacBook.

Lancashire based Pendle Products has recently introduced a selection of ergonomic laptop stands compatible with Apple's MacBook range. Available in a choice of sizes, regular and large, and colours, black or white, they can be used with or without an external monitor.

The Pendle regular laptop stand - 325mm wide x 225mm deep - is suitable for 13-inch and 15-inch MacBooks, while the large - 390mm wide x 265mm deep - is best suited for the 17-inch MacBook Pro. Weighing in at 2.25 kg and 3 kg, these stands are barely portable but the weight does at least ensure a solid base for your laptop on your desktop. The larger, heavier option offers some future proofing should you upgrade your MacBook.

Laser cut and powder coated, the metal stand is extremely durable, sturdy enough, to we suspect, to last the lifetime of several laptops. The simple design includes large circular holes on the sides of the stand to keep cables tidy and bring order to your desktop. There’s also space under the stand to store an external hard drive or modem for instance, which is a plus as the stand can seem bulky on a small desk.

We tested the Pendle laptop stand with a Bluetooth keyboard and numeric pad, positioning the MacBook to the right of the desk. The set-up proved a hit, the raised level just about right for comfortable viewing and productive work. That said, the fixed level won't be to all tastes although the company believes the height and angle set was achieved after rigorous testing of several prototypes.

The Pendle stands also come with rubberised covers or feet to cushion the metal stand on your desktop and prevent scratching, while plastic spheres prevent slippage when your MacBook is in use. Unusually perhaps, the stands are designed, manufactured and distributed in the UK.

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