Powermonkey for iPhone review

The powermonkey-classic V2, to give it its full title, isn’t a dedicated iPhone/iPod charger – it also works with a wide range of digital cameras, PDAs and mobile phones. The package includes cables and adaptors for most of these products (yet more connectors are available), as well as a pouch. The powermonkey itself has a battery which charges using the supplied international mains power adaptor or via USB. The manufacturer claims it will hold its charge for a year, making the powermonkey something to consider packing if you’re on a long trip in a remote area.


The manufacturer also claims the powermonkey, which comes in black, blue, pink, purple or silver, will power an iPod for 40 hours. The downside for iPod and iPhone users is that the powermonkey trails inelegantly from a cable when in use, but it is super versatile.

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