Rocker Black review

Pipetto’s Rocker Black iPad case is handmade from soft leather with a velvety lining. The case is in the folding-book style. The iPad fits snugly inside a frame that runs around the edge, with gaps allowing access to ports.

Pipetto claims the case has a tri-fold design. You can position it in three ways: as a stand for photo and movie watching; slightly raised from the desk for typing; and in a book-like format.

We think this third ‘fold’ might be pushing it slightly as it’s not really a fold, you’re just holding it naturally. The other two folds are achieved by attaching a clasp on the back to a clasp on the cover. This means it’s very robust when propped up.


Behind the clasp on the back is a pocket, but we felt it was a bit of a tight squeeze to get anything in there. It’s by far the most expensive case in this round up, but it oozes quality and the design is superb.

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