Sena Folio for iPad 2 [mac] full review

We liked Sena’s Folio case for Apple’s original iPad, and so were eager to try out its Folio for iPad 2.

There are more differences than we were expecting.

Yes, the case is slightly smaller, just like the iPad 2 is compared to iPad 1. That's great, but Sena has also taken the opportunity to revamp the stand and wallet features.

The Folio for iPad 2 now has a photo-frame stand, which flips out quicker than the original’s popper-fixed stand. It works perfectly in landscape mode, but a little awkwardly in portrait.

As a result of this inclusion there’s no longer space for the notepaper flap or the transparent ID card pocket. The four credit/business card slots remain, however.

A smaller stand extends for a more comfortable typing position.

We liked the original Folio for its smart business looks and luxury feel, and this is also true for the Folio for iPad 2.

The full-grain leather is top quality, the rigid backbone offers tough protection from knocks and scratches, and there’s a soft velvet lining with a light protective layer inside – although the wallet-like slot features mean that the velvety feel doesn’t reach to the inside that rests against the screen – as seen in Sena’s Florence case for iPad 2.

There are cutouts for the iPad 2’s camera, and charge/sync and button openings for play-throgh functionality.

The Sena Folio for iPad 2 is available in black, brown, red, orange, croco black and croco red.

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