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The physical beauty of the Apple iPad is its slick touchscreen interface married to an ultra-portable smart design. You can pass it round a group of people and it orients itself as the user sees fit – the view isn’t determined by the position of a laptop keyboard.

That there’s no bulky keyboard is both a joy and annoyance to heavy iPad users. When typing out long text documents the onscreen touch, virtual keyboard can be a pain, especially if you’re a proper ‘touch typist’.

Sena’s Keyboard Folio is a neat solution for those iPad users who love the touchscreen but sometimes want it to act more like a laptop.

The Sena Keyboard Folio turns the iPad into a netbook. It’s a luxury leather iPad case with built-in (removable) silicon Bluetooth keyboard.

Sena Keyboard Folio iPad Case

Unless you’re a absolute pro on the iPad’s virtual keyboard the real keyboard is guaranteed to speed up your typing. It’s also more ergonomic, with the case boasting a collapsible back stand that mimics the setup of a traditional laptop. As well as the usual letter and number keys the keyboard includes handy Play/Pause, Forward/Rewind, mute and violume keys - and even a Command key with Apple's little Command Key logo.

Sena Keyboard Folio iPad Case keyboard

Each time you turn on the keyboard (it has an On/Off switch to help save power) you need to type in a unique passcode to connect it via Bluetooth with the iPad.

You charge the keyboard via its Mini USB port – a Mini USB cable is included. Sena claims the keyboard will provide around 45 hours of use, or 55 hours of standby time.

Of course, Apple offers its own solutions. The £57 Apple Wireless Keyboard is a better keyboard than the one in the Keyboard Folio but you still have to store and carry that around in a separate case, as it’s not integrated.

The Sena case not only incorporates the keyboard, with a stand for ergonomic use, but protects both it and the iPad itself in one integrated package.

For £56 Apple also offers its iPad Keyboard Dock, which does give the user a more comfortable typing experience but again demands a separate carrying case or bag. It also orients the iPad in portrait mode only, which is less laptop like.

Sena Keyboard Folio iPad Case keyboard stand

And the Keyboard Folio is not any old iPad case. It’s based on Sena’s luxury Folio case, crafted from premium Napa leather that provides a soft layer to gently protect your iPad. Its designer looks are super-smart, and it features three credit card or business card slots.

The laptop-like back stand is complemented by the Folio’s standard landscape rest for watching videos or restful use.

The silicon keyboard is ultra lightweight so you don’t notice any great increase on a usual iPad case, although it is a touch bulkier.

The Sena Keyboard Folio iPad Case is available in black, red, tan and brown leathers.

Sena Keyboard Folio iPad Case red

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