Smart Case for iPad 2 full review

Weighing in at a reasonable 120g and fitting tightly to add only 1.2mm to the iPad 2’s overall dimensions, AviiQ have designed this sleek and sturdy protector to work in conjunction with Apple’s Smart Cover, What you get for your money is a plastic rear guard backed by a tough aluminium plate. The Smart Case fits beautifully but can be easily removed.

Aviiq’s Smart Case is a sure way to stop your iPad 2 from getting scratches on its back. Openings for the microphone, headphone jack, rear camera, speaker and sleep/wake button have been perfectly formed to integrate so seamlessly that it barely affects the overall dimensions, even when you add Apple’s Smart Cover.

What it doesn’t do is make the iPad 2 truly drop-proof and so, while the Smart Case’s ease of removal can be a boon, it could also spell disaster under the right – or rather, very wrong – circumstances. It’s certainly sturdy enough to be able to stand a certain level of accidental violence, but it isn’t suited to the consumer concerned about their innate clumsiness.

It’s a quality build and elegant to behold, but for the money you may want something more robust.

Aviiq’s Smart Case works with Apple’s Smart Cover to protect your iPad 2

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