Smart Sleeve full review

The Smart Sleeve from British company Ergonomic Cafe is a novel but simple way to store, transport and use your MacBook, both at home and away. Part portfolio case, part stand, you can whip out your laptop anywhere and have a useful ergonomic stand to help ease any aches and pains and ideally improve posture.

The mix of attractive Italian metallic effect nylon, padded interior, Velcro and metal stand weighs in at a perfectly portable 650 grams. Partly because of the metal stand, offering additional protection and support, the Smart Sleeve feels solid, safe and durable on the road. Everything on your travels is held in place by Velcro and a good quality zip, although we've seen better handles and there is no room, as yet, for an over the shoulder strap.

Using the Smart Sleeve as a laptop stand did take a little time adjusting to but the results, including use for this review, proved a comfortable and productive solution. Once quickly mastered, as long as you have a clear desk, setting up is a breeze, you can be ready to start quicker than your MacBook takes to boot up. Equally, everything, bar the aforementioned power supply, packs away neatly for a quick exit. Its also possible, although not ideal, to use the Smart Sleeve on your lap, with the metal stand acting as useful heat zinc when things hot up.

The Smart Sleeve is designed to carry any laptop up to 17-inch, along with mini keyboard and mouse. A foam insert is required however, if you intend to use a 13-inch MacBook for any length of time. We also managed to include a Wacom graphics tablet on our travels, along with some paperwork without any trouble, although with no dedicated pocket or pouch for power supply, you are probably best carrying that separately. At around £110 including VAT, the Smart Sleeve isn't cheap, but it does offer two solutions in one rather neat package, which for regular travellers could prove a solid investment.

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