Solar Keyboard Folio full review

Using the iPad's on-screen keyboard to write is a reasonable experience if you're writing in short bursts; but for longer documents you can't beat the touch and feel experience of a real keyboard. Using a bluetooth keyboard with the iPad has one obvious advantage: you regain the space on screen that would otherwise be used by the on-screen keyboard which can make it easier to visualise your complete document.

There's no shortage of keyboards for the iPad; Apple's own Wireless Keyboard being a good option. Logitech's Solar Keyboard Folio combines wireless keyboard and case allowing the two to be carried together.

The Solar Keyboard Folio's batteries are charged by a pair of solar panels on the back of the case. The batteries are contained in an aluminium tube within the crease between the keyboard and iPad-holding side.

The keyboard itself is fairly close to that of a desktop keyboard; with 65 keys. The layout of the keyboard is souch that touch-typers will quickly navigate their way around. It's responsive, and provides the feedback you'd expect from any keyboard.

When playing videos, with the iPad in the alternative position, the lower row of the keyboard doubles as controls for the video; with the space bar allowing you to start/stop videos and other keys handling volume, fast forward, fast rewind and mute.

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