Speaker Lapdesk N700 review

On first view, the Speaker Lapdesk N700 from Logitech resembles a futuristic dinner tray, on which to eat some suitably space-age food while watching 3D OLED TV. Billed as Logitech’s first all-in-one laptop accessory, it packs a lot into its forward-thinking design.

The cushioned support is comfortable for working on your lap, but the N700 is also a home-entertainment accessory with two small-yet-fairly-powerful stereo speakers for enhancing music, film and gaming.

A built-in fan is designed to keep all that enjoyment in your lap cool, helped by a design that lifts much of the padded base off any surface.


Powered by USB, the N700 requires no additional power supply, cables or software install. Speakers and fan can be controlled separately and the unit can be switched off if you simply want to use it as a laptop tray, making it a versatile solution for laptop users.

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