Nike+ SportsWatch [mw] full review

This new Nike+ SportsWatch GPS (powered by TomTom) combines the wireless tracking of the Nike+ shoe pod (which many people use with an iPod or iPhone) with a GPS location service so you can map your run as well as measure it.

It’s a stylish black with a neon green underside, and it’s considerably smaller than other GPS watches. A really nice touch is that the strap doubles as the USB cable.

Set up is easy. Insert the watch into your Mac or PC and a SportWatch folder appears; inside is a link to the Nike+ website, where you can download the Nike+ connect software. This is used to set the time, adjust settings and update any new firmware to the device. The Nike+ Connect software is then used to upload your workouts to the Nike+ website.

Hold down the green button and it will hook up with the sensors (both GPS and the Nike+ shoe pod), then go for a run. We found it took a while to find a GPS connection, so using it with the shoe pod is definitely recommended. If you don’t own a pair of Nike+ trainers you can use the Marware Sportsuit Sensor+ Case to attach the pod to any pair of trainers.

The strap doubles as the USB cable to connect to your Mac or PC.

After your run, you upload data to the Nike+ website, where you check out metrics such as the distance and speed of a run, as well as check out the map of your route. You can also set up training programs and goals, and sports bores can share their activity on Twitter and Facebook

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