Stickems full review

Stickems are screen cleaners for your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac, and any other device that has a fingerprint prone screen. The stickers have a special type of adhesive that doesn't leave a residue, so you can keep one stuck to the back of your device as a decorative accessory, and when you notice a smudge on your screen, peal off the Stickem and use the microfiber side of it for cleaning.

Stickems can be used again and again, and don't lose their adhesiveness. The manufacturer says they can be used 10,000 times, but we haven't managed to test that statistic just yet. We used one regularly throughout the day and it showed no signs of losing its stickiness at all, so we think the manufacturer is likely telling the truth.

Stickems come in various designs and sizes, including a fun Keep Calm and Carry On range, quirky creature designs by artists Geo Law and Uberpup, as well as quaint illustrations by Katie Leamon and bold ones by State Of The Obvious.

After using Stickems for a day, we wondered why we'd gone without one for so long. It's a simple, fun, fashionable way to keep any device clean, and you won't have to search for your boring, ordinary cleaning cloth deep in your bag or pocket.

What makes them even better is that you can pick one up for under a fiver.

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