T4 Radiopod full review

The Orbitsound T4 Radiopod will compete with your microwave for the title of most technological item in your kitchen. It’s intended as a hi-tech replacement for you kitchen or spare room radio, as it incorporates a WiFi/DAB/FM radio, as well as an iPod/iPhone dock. It also incorporates Orbitsound’s ‘spatial stereo’ technology, which deviates from traditional two-speaker stereo setups in an attempt to create a more natural sound.

This new approach to stereo, which incorporates side-facing speakers that fire sound outwards works brilliantly on a speaker for a huge room. The T4 is a somewhat different proposition, as it’s only about the size of a bookend.

That said though, the sound is really good – bright and even. The other advantage Orbitsound claims over conventional stereo is the absence of a stereo sweet spot – spatial stereo means that the music sounds the same wherever you stand in the room.

This is absolutely apparent with the T4 (although we wonder how many people deliberately stand in the stereo sweet spot when doing the washing up). In use, the T4 is good, but with no remote control it feels a bit laboured, particular when setting up the WiFi. You should only have to do this once, though. There are buttons around the edge of the top of the unit, and it’s easy to press the wrong one.

It also has two alarms, which can be set to wake you up with any of the radio or iPod/iPhone options. Thankfully, these are very straightforward to set up using the onscreen prompts.

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