tizi Mobile TV full review

The tizi Mobile TV is one of those products that has so much potential but right now there are factors that stop it from being living up to its promise.

The device picks up the digital TV signal and transmits it via WiFi to your iPhone or iPad. While there are other ways of getting live TV on your iOS device, you can, for example, pick up TV channels via services like CatchUpTV (iphone.tvcatchup.com) the tizi solution has the advantage of enabling you to record TV shows on your iPhone or iPad.

This would be great except for the fact that the TV signal in the UK is so weak in places that the aerial built into the tizi Mobil TV just can't pick up all the channels. Everytime we did a search (and we tried in a few different locations) we only ever picked up a handful of channels, and rarely any of the channels we actually wanted to watch. The people behind tizi say that once the terrestial signal in the UK is switched off the digital signal will improve and these devices will work better. Since this may take some time we think the device would be better if we could plug it into a better aerial, unfortunately there is no such port available for it.

Record TV shows on your iPhone or iPad with the tizi TV

The other factor stopping this device from living up to its potential is that you can't set recordings. All you can do is start a recording when a programme is on. If you can start the recording then watching the programme live is probably an option.

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