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Twelve South have built a solid range of useful MacBook accessories with the BookArc, BookBook, SurfacePad, and BassJump 2 among them. PlugBug World is a recent addition to that range - a hybrid charger for both MacBook and iPad, iPhone and iPod - that as the same suggests is designed to be used worldwide. Compatible with an extensive range of both MacBook Power Adapters and Apple mobile devices, it provides 10 watts (2.1 amps) of power, enough power to ensure your iPad particularly charges at a decent rate and is double the power of many existing power adaptors. 

Twelve South PlugBug World  

PlugBug World simply clips into place, increasing slightly both the weight and bulk of your existing power adaptor. Twelve South notes the charger works with any Apple power plug with the white removable 'duck-head' part, which significantly adds to its appeal, especially for those with older MacBooks. Early MacBook Air models, for instance, only have one USB port, so its an opportunity to free this up for other tasks such as a mobile broadband dongle. Build wise, the PlugBug World appears fairly solid and unlikely to fall apart at the first sign of turbulence. The attractive, bright red casing, meanwhile, should easily stand out when you need to find your power supply fast. 

 Twelve South PlugBug World

PlugBug World comes with a range of adaptors compatible with US/Canada/Japan, UK/Hong Kong/Singapore, Continental Europe, Australia/New Zealand, China. Unless you are planning a trip with Phileas Fogg around the world you're unlikely to require all four and Twelve South helpfully includes a small pouch to store them in as part of the package. It isn't likely to add much to the retail price, but it reflects well on the manufacturers and this attention to detail, including the classy, well designed packaging, along with a Apple only policy, should be applauded.

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