u top laptop stand full review

At first glance, the u top laptop stand doesn't look much. Weighing in at less than 250 grams and only 3 mm thick, we almost discarded it with the packaging. Thankfully, we soon had it positioned on out desktop complete with MacBook.

The ergonomic benefits of sitting your laptop on a stand have been well documented and the u top does a good job of helping to improve posture by raising the screen and keyboard to a more comfortable, and productive, height.

The u top laptop is just 3mm thick.

The one piece Aluminium Hylite unit takes a few seconds to position with the option of six height settings. Personal taste should dictate which best suits, although working on different surfaces and desktop heights on your travels may also play a factor. The u top includes four useful cut-outs to manage any power or USB cables wherever you may be. We also managed to use the stand on our lap and sat up in bed despite the uneven terrain. The u top did a fair job of reducing the heat given out by many laptops during prolonged use.

The benefits we felt under test appear to be real. According to the makers, the u top laptop stand has been independently evaluated by health and safety specialists and shown to be ergonomically beneficial. The slight design has also been tested to ensure it won't collapse, buckle or break over time, and under test the foldable hinge especially has stood up well, no pun intended. The u top laptop stand is available from www.posturite.co.uk and other online retailers.

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