iPhone 4/4S Wide Angle and Macro Lens full review

Here at Macworld, we love photography. We’re also pretty impressed with the iPhone 4S’s 8-megapixel camera. So when we started seeing adaptive lenses for the iPhone, we were intrigued to find out what added capabilities these could bring to the iPhone.

Here, we tried the Wide Angle and Macro Lens from VTEC. It’s two different lenses in one tiny device, which comes with a case to enable the lens to be screwed into the right position over the iPhone’s camera. The case itself is not bad quality. If you don’t mind the plain black appearance you could use it as your everyday case, even when you’re not using it in conjunction with the lens.

Screw the lens onto the case to take wide angle photographs or video. To use the Macro lens, unscrew the outer lens (the wide angle), leaving the inner lens attached to the case.

It sounds simple, and really, it should be. However, it’s really fiddly getting the two lenses apart, and can be even harder to get the lenses off of the case itself.

When taking photos, the overall outcome is impressive. With the Macro lens, we were almost touching a flower with the iPhone, but the camera managed to focus and capture an image that would previously have been impossible to capture using the 4S’s camera.

When we tested Wide Angle lens, however, we found that the results were less successful. The corners of the image were black, with the frame of the case and lens in view. We also noticed some colour loss when using the wide angle lens.

The lens does come with two lens caps to prevent scratches and keep out dirt, which is a nice touch.

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