Wacom Bamboo Stylus duo review

Wacom is always working hard toward creating fresh and innovative products for the creative minded individual.

Today, we got our hands on the Bamboo Stylus duo, a stylus that is both beautifully crafted and effective.

The Bamboo duo's rubber tip is soft but much firmer than many other styluses we've tried, meaning added pressure can be used without expecting the tip to flatten out. This feature alone makes this tool a must have for any serious illustrator or note taker.

The smooth material and weight of this pen makes it comfortable to hold, and complimented its effectiveness, making the Bamboo Stylus duo very accurate.


The black ink pen flows well, and is equally as smooth to write with on paper as the stylus end is to use on a touchscreen. It’s handy and convenient to have both a traditional pen and digital option in one.


The Bamboo Stylus duo has soft rubber rings on both ends for a firm grip of the cap ensuring that only one end at a time will be exposed, and the ink can be replaced with standard, commonly available cartridges.


[Ryan Macro is an illustrator specialising in character design. Follow Ryan on Twitter at @ryan_macro]


Overall, we would recommend the Bamboo Stylus duo to any designer or illustrator that enjoys sketching ideas on an iPad, but likes the option to use paper sometimes too. Combined with the Bamboo Paper app for iPad, which we used in our test, the Wacom’s stylus and pen combo is one of the most effective styluses we’ve used. The only downfall is the slightly expensive £34.99 price tag.

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