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addLib for iOS devices is a graphic design app aimed at creating striking graphics on a budget and adding a little design bling to your photos. According to developers Wow, addLib mixes the grid system, a fractal theory, the golden ratio and the facial recognition system to create graphic design. It's a cool idea that works well with the right image, although suffers from a limited range of designs and layouts.

 addLib for iOS

Images can be chosen either directly from your camera or photo library, which is great for older iPad and iPod touch users. addLib then goes to work producing three images to select from based on elements of the original image. If you don't like those initial results you can simply tap a refresh button at the base of the app until you find one that best suits. You have to be careful here, however, as you can't go back a step if you suddenly decide that last variation was the best. 

addLib for iOS  

Double tapping the image brings up a couple of simple user defined options, including the ability to customise two lines of text or simply rely on a random mode. Here you can also disable the text option completely for a cleaner, often less cluttered look. Additionally you can tweak the centre of your image to try and add focus although results are hit or miss. Results can be either emailed, Tweeted or best still saved to your photo library, where you image retains its full resolution. 

addLib uses a selective and subdued colour palette to add a sense of classy, classic design to your chosen image, something that at its best echoes vintage graphic design from the 1960s and 1970s. Regrettably, over extended use addLib suffers from a lack of variation in results, a limitation we believe could be rectified in future updates.  

addLib for iOS

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