Brushes – iPad Edition full review

Brushes iPad Edition offers 19 brushes ranging from the hard or soft-edged round brushes to some texture brushes made of dots, lines or splotches. You can control the size, spacing, and transparency of these brushes via sliders in the brushes window. There’s an option to vary the size and opacity of each brush (and the eraser tool) depending on how fast you paint with it. And you get a nearly unlimited amount of undos.

Once you’ve chosen a brush, you can pick a colour from the colour wheel complete with sliders for manipulating transparency and brightness. To the right of the colour wheel are swatches for quick colour selection. You can drag any colour from the colour wheel to a swatch and it will be saved for later use. The eye dropper tool lets you select any colour on the canvas, and a paint bucket tool will fill the screen with the selected colour.

Brushes iPad Edition supports up to six layers – that’s two more than the iPhone version. You can flip a layer horizontally or vertically, clear it, and merge a layer into the one beneath it, as well as duplicate, delete, or create a new layer. You can also resize, rotate, and reposition a layer, and import photos as new layers. You can save your masterpiece to the gallery and watch a video showing how the painting was created.

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