Camera for iPad full review

For whatever reason, Apple decided the initial iPad would ship without a built-in camera. If you find yourself disappointed by the omission of a camera, you may want to consider an app-based workaround from Headlight Software.

The 59p Camera for iPad is a universal app that lets your iPhone act as a camera for your iPad. You just open the app on both devices and whatever the iPhone’s camera sees will be streamed to the iPad’s screen via Bluetooth or a shared WiFi connection. You can zoom in on the image on the iPad screen by using a reverse pinch gesture; swiping will rotate the image.

You can take a picture from either your iPhone or iPad by tapping the shutter button on either device’s screen. Once the button is pressed, the iPhone’s camera snaps a picture which is then sent over to the iPad’s photo library.

It’s a slow process overall with Bluetooth much slower than WiFi. You can lower the picture quality to speed up photo transfers, though we found that caused our images to suffer. Camera For iPad also offers a flash feature that, when activated, makes the iPad’s screen turn completely white to act as a flash when you take a picture. A mirror button on the iPad will flip the streaming image so you can use the two devices together like a digital mirror. There’s also a button that will snap a picture, transfer it to the iPad, and insert it into an email that you can send to your friends.

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