Corel Paint it! Show review

This fun app lets you choose, mix, and match your photos for a unique slideshow. It also integrates seamlessly with Facebook, which is great if you don’t keep your photos in one place.

Corel Paint It! Show recreates your photos, brush stroke by brush stroke, in the artistic style of your choice – oil, impressionist, modern, and so on. As it does so, the app plays music stored on your iPad in the background. When your masterpieces are done, you can share them via email or Facebook, or just save them in your iPad’s photo library. You can even save unfinished photos if you like the way they look.

Recreate your favourite photos stroke by stroke into the style of your choice

What makes Corel Paint It! Show special is watching the transformation of your normal photo into something akin to a painted work. This isn’t an app that puts the creative tools in your hand – you’d have to turn to something such as Brushes or SketchBook Pro for that. Still, it’s entertaining to watch as your favourite photo builds from abstract colour blotches into a cohesive, recognisable image.


The fun you’ll have with and the results it produces are worth the 59p Corel Paint It! Show costs.

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