Dermandar Panorama for iOS review

While many iOS apps offer panorama stitching, or even capturing and stitching, few make it as easy as Dermandar Panorama.

The beauty of the app is its simple and speedy interface. Instead of asking you to follow a grid or import photos from your library, Dermandar lets you take photos from within the app and automatically stitches them together.

The app tethers to points in the scene and uses your iOS device’s built-in accelerometer. When you pan a view, Dermandar tells you, for example, to move further left and to keep your iPhone level, so the photo is consistent. Because of this, it’s hard to take a bad panorama.

The only flaw was striping from the different light exposures in the component photos and slight perspective problems.

Dermandar Panorama uses the built-in accelerometer in your device to advise you how to keep your photo consistant

Dermandar stitches photos extremely fast, displaying your panorama in seconds. Once the panorama is stitched, you can save it to your photo library or export to Twitter or Facebook as a link to an interactive photo on Dermandar’s website. Photos are uploaded to the Dermandar website only if you deliberately export them.


Perhaps the coolest thing about Dermandar is the way it has collected and shared its library of images. The world map on the Dermandar site is geotagging at its best. You can browse and comment on photos from all over the world. Dermandar’s website also offers a stitching application, which can stitch photos in either a 360-degree or wide-angle shot.

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