Disposable Hipstamatic for iOS full review

Disposable Hipstamatic incorporates the original Hipstamatic's lo-fi filters into the functionality of a disposable camera. The app starts by offering two free cameras with 24 shots each. Invite friends to share a camera with you via Facebook and you earn a third free camera. In keeping with the disposable camera idea, you and your friends can't Develop or view each other’s photos until the Roll is finished, then the photos are automatically shared.

You can’t change the lens or film you use, it's a disposable camera after all. But all cameras have three basic functions: a shutter button, a flash, and an F/X slider that controls the effects of each photo. While admittedly less versatile than the cameras on the original Hipstamatic, those who love the retro look won’t be disappointed by the quality of the free D-series cameras.

You get unlimited use of the three free cameras, though you can use only one of each at a time. If you get tired of them, you can buy up to seven additional cameras from the Hipstamart. These have limited exposures.

One feature we missed was the original Hipstamatic’s Field Guide, which explains the different filters and cameras.

Disposable Hipstamatic lets you go back to a simpler time when you shared cheap, throw-away cameras with friends

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