Instagram review

Taking photos on your iPhone is only half the fun; the other half is applying a new look to those pictures and sharing them with friends. Burbn’s Instagram allows you to do exactly that.

There are two main areas of Instagram: the photo editing and the social. Editing photos is very simple: existing photos can be selected from your photo roll, or you can capture a new image within the app itself.

Once you’ve chosen a photo, the Filter panel opens up to reveal 12 options along the bottom of the screen, enabling you to tweak the look of your photos using different effects. Ideally, there would a few more filters and editing options. But it’s the social side of Instagram that really sets it apart. You can share your photos on your Facebook, Flickr and Tumb1r accounts as well as with Foursquare, which enables you to tag a photo with its location.

Instagram lets you format and share your favourite photos

Instagram also works as a social network in its own right. Friends you ‘follow’ show up on your feed. There is also a news feed showing activity relating to you: notifications of new followers, likes, and comments.


One feature that is missing is the ability to maintain an online profile where your photos can be viewed directly – Instagram only gives you the ability to create short URLs to individual photos instead. It’s possible that this is intentional, with the aim being to keep you within the app itself.

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