Mill Colour for iPhone full review

The Mill is one of the leading visual effects companies in the world. With its The Mill app, The Mill takes some of the excellent colour control that it’s known for in the professional editing world and brings it to your iPhone.

As with most photo-editing apps, when you launch Mill Colour you’re prompted to select an existing image or, if you’re using an iPhone, take one via the app.

Once the photo is selected, you can choose to apply one of the pre-set Looks (such as Cross-Processed, 70s, or Instant) or start editing from scratch. When you select one of the Looks, you can swipe left to right to preview each Look. We got the best results by choosing a pre-set look and adjusting from there.

You make the detailed colour adjustments in the Colour Controls panel (either on top of the chosen Look, or directly to the source image). There are four main areas of adjustment: Lift, Gamma, Gain (dark, midtones and bright areas accordingly), and Saturation. When adjusting each area, a dial appears below the image, which you can move left to right.

The beauty of Mill Colour is in the sensitivity of this dial. It offers very precise control; you can slowly adjust it and see the changes taking place on the image above. For even finer detail, you can choose to select just the Red, Blue, or Green channels within each mode, though ‘All’ is selected by default (and is a good place to start).

Mill Colour combines the ease and simplicity of pre-set looks with a level of fine-tuning colour adjustment that surpasses anything else we’ve tried in the arena. On top of that, the app seems to have the ability to pull colours out of your photos that you didn’t even know were there. Given The Mill’s pedigree this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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